Amazing BBQ Gloves 14 Can Stay On While BBQ ing For Perfectly Timed Cooking EN407 rated Kevlar 932F Protection Best For Baking Ovens Preserving Without All The Fuss Large B01B132WF0

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  • EXPERIENCE RELAXED COOKING - Unlike the competiton, the ArmorGlove is heat resistant to an extreme 932 deg F for up to 15 seconds and is backed by EN407 Class 4 certification - the highest rating available. No more burning your knuckles off when flipping a bunch of burgers on a hot barbeque grill! This is the Large size - check the sizing chart to make sure it fits, or order the Medium size if you need a smaller version.
  • AVOID OVERCOOKED MEAT - don't waste time with cheap bbq oven gloves that have to be taken on and off while your meat overcooks. The ArmorGlove's ventilated design cools down fast so you can leave them on while grilling and cook it to perfection - they're the perfect grilling gloves!
  • MORE COMFORTABLE - Thick silicone gloves might be waterproof but a few seconds over a hot grill makes them hot and sticky inside. The ArmorGlove's ventilated design vents excess heat while the soft cotton liner absorbs any sweat for the most luxurious gloving experience - they're the perfect mitts for your next barbecue!
  • COOKED MEAT NOT COOKED WRISTS - What's the use of having your hands protected if your wrists and arms get burnt? The ArmorGlove are insulated to protect six inches (14cm) of your wrist and forearm to keep you safe and secure! They're also great as pot holders, trivets or for moving fireplace logs!
  • AVOID ACCIDENTS - Dropped dishes are common with those pretty colored silicone gloves - they're as slippery as a wet fish when they're get damp or oily! The ArmorGlove is covered in high grip surfaces which help avoid dropping that perfect steak or expensive dishes, so they're great as an oven glove, oven mitts or cooking gloves! Note: ArmorGloves are NOT waterproof so should not be used for handling hot liquids.
The secret to a relaxing BBQ is closer than you think!Why is it so hard to find a BBQ glove that JUST WORKS?? Let's face it, grills get pretty hot so you NEED gloves; but pretty silicon gloves get so hot and sticky inside you can't keep them on for long. Plus they're so slippery (it's silicon, right?) you waste precious time taking them off and on while your steaks overcook! Do you really need that stress when you just want to relax and enjoy a barbecue??At last there is a solution!Premiala partnered with a small top-end weaving specialist to craft the ArmorGlove! Woven from premium Kevlar Aramid 1313 and EN407 Class 4 certified, it's woven from the same material as firefighter's suits so you can GUARANTEE it'll be up to mundane tasks like cooking a BBQ, taking dishes from the oven, or changing a light bulb! Its high-grip surfaces ensure sizzling steaks or heirloom dishes from Grandma never slip through your fingers; the long cuff ensures your wrists stay cool while you're reaching to turn over those sizzling kebabs, and the fine stitching ensures you can still feel all the detail while you're doing it! Finally, your hands will so love the comfort of the smooth moisture-absorbing cotton inner liner you'll never need to take them off! They're also great for hot preserving jars or removing logs from a fireplace!Note: Tightly gripping hot surfaces with fingers will transmit heat within several seconds. They work best in hot environments, less in direct contact with hot surfaces.Satisfaction GuaranteedThe ArmorGlove is the only BBQ glove crafted to Premiala's exacting standards, and Premiala GUARANTEES 100% satisfaction or your money back. You have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!So what are you waiting for??We have a limited supply so scroll up and click that 'Add To Cart' button and join the growing crowd who have discovered BBQ freedom! Then start planning the first BBQ of the rest of your life!

Amazing BBQ Gloves 14 Can Stay On While BBQ ing For Perfectly Timed Cooking! EN407 rated Kevlar 932F Protection Best For Baking Ovens Preserving Without All The Fuss! Large B01B132WF0